Monday, June 29, 2015

Budget negotiations

I was crunching numbers on the new extension and it dawned on me that it wasn't just scenery I needed to get it to where I wanted it to be. I wanted to branch out into a bit of an industrial look for part of it. Something I could sink some grunge into, perhaps. Something less picturesque than Soyokaze and it's lovely temple.

I have been eyeing this factory setup for a long while now and would really like it to feature in my layout, but at a little over $100 for the whole set, it'd be a bit of a budget hit.

However, I had a talk with my wife about the whole extension saying I may have to sell off some of my other hobby items to fund it a bit. She suggested not selling anything, but spreading the purchases out over the next few months to make the extension work the way I'd like it to.

In short, my wife is awesome. :)

So, I'm going to start in on the thought process behind where this factory will be going, what's leading to it and what is tucked in around it.

Tom Barbalet of the MODEL RAIL RADIO podcast even suggested that the factory may be the cause of my Kaiju monster attacking the military under Soyokaze in the other underground section. A brilliant idea! :)

Knowing that I have a budget for this new section is making me really happy about this project.  I'm still planning on taking my time with it. But it allows me the freedom to think about things I'd like without having to figure out where the money is coming from to make the purchases.

Good news indeed!


  1. It worth to own one! My friend just brought one, it is awesome!

  2. Hi Malcolm,

    That's a great looking factory scene.

    I have found all kinds of ways to strech the hobby budget. I just attended the N scale convention in Sacramento and here are some of the ways I funded the trip.

    * Had a module in a layout and got a good discount on registration
    * Towed my Ntrak club's trailer - they pay mileage
    * Shared a room in a cheaper hotel.
    * Put a couple of items in the live auction that I won't miss.

    I look forward to seeing your continued progress on the extension


    1. Smart all around, Brad!
      The other thing I'm doing here is using a lot of reclaimed and "donated" wood. The first round, I purchased a lot of wood for my benchwork - way past $100 for the wood and another $20 for screws and things at least. This round, I paid a total of $7 for the wood and $12 for various other things like screws.
      I'm also planning out elevations and needs first before buying things like foam. Make sure I get what I need and not too much.
      And....taking my time with things and not getting everything at once. Sure, I'd love to pull the trigger on this factory ASAP (to have it and in case they run out), but I'm really not going to be close to putting it on the layout for a least a month.
      Thanks for reading! :)