Saturday, September 7, 2019

Dave Stanley's Morada Belt Layout

Dave Stanley was nice enough to open his Morada Belt layout for the Narrow Gauge Convention and I ventured out to see it with Tom Barbalet of MODEL RAIL RADIO.  It was a fantastic trip that started out with a meet up for BBQ, then making the trek down to see the layout. 

Fantastic setup! Operations galore in this well thought out and wonderfully crafted layout!

Thanks to Pat Davis as well!

Very cool switch panel setup! 


  1. Great Malcolm ! There were quite a few really nice layouts on the tours. The AsiaNrail crew got out to 9 of them in 2 days including 2 garden layouts. Great fun !

  2. I wish I made time to get to the convention proper, but I think the move stress finally caught up with the house and we were all a bit burnt out. :(