Saturday, January 25, 2020

Layout: jyoukeimokeishi / natsu



Self-proclaimed scene modeler natsu
I am enjoying making N-gauge railway models mainly in the scene.
Other hobbies are included.

Thank you (^-^)


This amazing, super detailed layout has a ton of really dense scenery and I love it. With a rather small footprint overall, Natsu just went for it and really got some fantastic Japanese flavor in the layout. TONS of people and signage and action makes this one of my favorite rich scenery layouts I've seen. 

Now, I know this style is not for everyone, but it makes me super happy. I'd love to just sit and stare at it for a while as I took photos. I'm sure there's a ton of things to see in the space.

And, it's really not all that wild or wacky. It's pretty much super prototypical save the helicopters and monsters scattered about. :::grin:::  So much to see!

Magnet by Shibuya 109

I love all the signs and people

This was the look I was going to go for in my SHIZUKA city section of my layout. Rich, dense, and packed with people and signage.

These little detail areas make me happy! :)

Fantastic work!!! Looking forward to seeing more shots in the future! 


  1. gadzooks - so much to see - ... I don't think those cars can move !

    1. I know! It's wild. I like the dense nature of it, however. So much to see and discover.
      Thanks for reading!