Thursday, August 18, 2016

Odd dream. Nightmare, really.

So, I had this really odd dream last night. 

The dream had me going away on a business trip to meet some Japanese business folks. I was told that they requested that I bring my train layout with me to show them. ((DREAM LOGIC: Sure, I'll just bring it with me...))

I get there and it's set up in the main guy's MASSIVE home where we are staying. Trains are run around and there was some nods of approval and smiles. of the business guys takes this knife and cuts the top of one of my hillsides odd and lifts it up to examine it. Like...saws the top of the whole hill off! 

I'm shocked, but the interpreter states that he just wanted to see what it was made of and it can be glued back without harm. Not true....but...ok...don't want the meeting to go south. 

I go out with a group of friends and after dinner I'm getting some items out of my bag and as soon as everything is out of the bag on a table, all my friends run off, hop in the car, and drive away. 

A homeless man asks for money and I absently give him some as I try to figure out what just happened. 

Then I realize that I gave the guy all the cash I had on hand and now I can't get a cab home. ((DREAM LOGIC: Credit card?))

I go to get coffee so I can get cash back and end up getting a giant Starbucks COFFEE TO GO pack and a bunch of cups and start passing out coffee to the homeless folks in this area I'm stranded in. 

When I finally get back to this Japanese guy's how, I find that he and his group have taken appart MY ENTIRE LAYOUT and organized it into track pieces, buildings, autos, buses. 

They even took apart this giant town square I built with all of these tiny tiles and organized the tiles by color. 

Everything else was gone - out in a dumpster. Bare benchwork was left. 

"'re back. He wanted to improve your layout. You got many things wrong and there was much room for improvement."

Yeah...more like a nightmare. 

And, yes, I bet my being stressed about job items has a HUGE part to play in this, huh? hehehe



  1. Oh man, that's the perfectionist subconscious saying to redo your model railroad again. You must be going to sleep thinking about what to do next on your layout. 😀

    1. Honestly, I think it's more work related stress. "WORK IS TRYING TO TAKE MY HOBBY TIME AWAY!" heheheheh